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Symposium 2018 - Man, Space and Inclusion (english)

Illustrations by cutoutmix Francesca Perani


„The continuity [...] of diversity – that is the evolution of the living – depends on the number of people and especially the practices these people practice. The uniformization of human activities is reflected in a decline in the variance of behaviors. The multiplication of fragments of third landscapes (as places of diversity) is a selection factor of diversity.”


- Gilles Clément: Manifest of the Third Landscape 





In the sense of Clément’s concept of the “Third Landscape”, the research focus of the Detmold School of Architecture and Interior Architecture PerceptionLab investigates the topic of “Inclusion” within the framework of the annual symposium “Man, space and...”. Together with external guests and presentations of internal research and teaching activities, we discuss new strategies of thinking and making that can create places of coexistence that not only facilitate inclusion but also promote diversity!


This year's symposium will be the final event of the previous conference week of the ERASMUS+ PUDCAD project, in which the PerceptionLab is collaborating with seven international partners to jointly contribute to inclusion in European schools. The event will be complemented by the “Universal Playground Exhibition” which displays the results of an international student workshop taking place during the conference. This creates a platform for an active and interdisciplinary exchange of all people being interested in the subject of inclusion.


The 11th PerceptionLab Symposium "Man, Space and Inclusion" will take place on Friday, the 19thof October 2018 from 9am–5pm and will be held in English language.


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Isabelle Dechamps| be able

Marlena Dorniak und Timo Zenke| Laborschule Bielefeld

Christine van Meegen und Sebastian KuberskyStudio C.A.R.E.

Thomas Tajo | Human echolocation

Cornelius Voss Universal Design Quartier Woodie

And other contributions from practice and research!


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15 Euro Students

30 Euro Alumni - no member of Chamber of Architecture

40 Euro Employees of HS OWL

80 Euro Members of Chamber of Architecture

100 Euro Non-Members of Chamber of Architecture


With the amount of 4 lessons, the Symposium is an accepted training event for members of the Chamber of Architecture NRW with the subject area of Architecture, Interior Architecture, Urban Planning and Landscape Architecture. (Confirmation is still pending!)