Grundlagen Lichtgestaltung und Lichtarchitektur

WiSe 2018/2019 Ideenwettbewerb

Im WiSe 18/19 bietet die HS-OWL zusammen mit der Universität Antwerpen einen Studentischen Wettbewerb an, welcher den Entwurf eines Innenraumkonzepts mit Möblierung, Raumakustik + Lichtgestaltung für das Restaurant HanseMerkur in Hamburg zur Aufgabe hat.

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This English master's course includes well-proven design and planning methods for lighting design and their technical and physical background. Together with the main course on architectural lighting, courses on light art, light control and the management of light pollution are included. Aspects such as sustainability, ethical behaviour and human-centred design are taken into account. The central aim of the master's course is to qualify students of interior design, architecture and engineering sciences for the steadily growing international and interdisciplinary field of lighting design and planning.


The modules take place both at the Detmold School for Architecture and Interior Design and at DIAL in Lüdenscheid. In this way both the scientific and creative aspects are integrated into the course and there is also direct practical experience in DIAL's laboratories, independent of manufacturers and products. In total this ensures excellent quality. The course of study is a unique combination of sound university training and professional, up-to-date practical experience.


Detailed information about the programme you can find at DIAL:


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