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Welcome to the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics

Here you find all the information you may need. Only some special information is in German as it is our teaching language.


We would like to introduce ourselves and inform you of our working disciplines, the people who are working here, who is in charge of what and the specific courses we are offering.


This is where you learn more about the courses we offer, where you are told what you will learn, how the courses are organized, the requirements to be met, how to enrol, etc.


This is where our students find essential information on and current notes about lectures and seminars, data, registration periods, course changes, etc. These pages are only available in German.


The combination of practical and scientific work is a matter of prime importance. Our laboratories are equipped to allow special services to be rendered. Under the Research menu option we report on special research and development topics and provide information on the varied services we are offering.