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The mechanical engineering and mechatronics department is always attempting to keep in touch with its alumni (Latin for former university students) once studies are completed. This is beneficial in many ways. The department has therefore set up an alumni database.

In order to be able to use this database, you must first register. Once your personal data have been checked, you are released and can use the “Login” menu item to access the database where you can search for the (current) e-mail addresses of former fellow students who are registered on the basis of the year in which they completed their studies. Nowadays this e-mail address usually allows a contact to be established. If not, a request for further information can be submitted to the department’s alumni councillor Prof. Dr.-Ing. Detlef Balters (alumni.fb6(at)hs-owl.de).

The department is always keen to receive a feedback from former students, i.e. from people who after many years in a profession are now “professionals”. Gradually certain aspects (either positive or negative) may perhaps be judged in a more favourable or different light than this was the case at the time the student took his courses or just after studies were completed. This allows improvements to be derived from what students have experienced, not only for certain lectures but also for the entire course of studies.

The possibility to engage in common projects is of interest to alumni, students and the department. The allocation of bachelor or master thesis subjects and the common stewardship are of benefit to all parties concerned.

It may also be of use or interest to former students to know what has become of their fellow students. A network may be set up that offers numerous private and professional benefits. A get-together of former students can be a lot of fun.

It goes without saying that all information is provided on a voluntary basis. The department is making available the information on registered users free of charge. All data are exclusively used for non-commercial purposes. A disclosure to third parties is excluded.