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Departments form the basic organisational units of the university. Several degree programmes are usually offered within a department, which is an independent unit, led by a Dean. Matters such as study regulations, study plans and appointment proposals are discussed and agreed on in the Faculty Council (comprising professors, employees and students).

Departments in Detmold

Department 1 Detmold School of Architecture and Interior Architecture

Department 3 Civil Engineering (including Industrial Engineering - Construction and Property Management Studies)


Departments in Lemgo

Department 2 Media Production

Department 4 Life Science Technologies (Food Technology, Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical Engineering and Cosmetics and Detergents Technology)

Department 5 Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (including Mechatronics)

Department 6 Machine Technology and Mechatronics

Department 7 Production and Economics (including Logistics, Wood Technology and Production Engineering)

Department W Economic Science

Departments in Höxter

Department 8 Environmental Engineering and Applied Computer Science

Department 9 Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning