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Presidential Board

Professor Dr. Jürgen Krahl

President of the Ostwestfalen-Lippe University of Applied Sciences
Email: praesident(at)hs-owl.de

Nicole Soltwedel

Chancellor for Business and Personnel Management
Email: vizepraesidentin-wup(at)hs-owl.de

Professor Dr. Yvonne-Christin Bartel

Vice-President for Education and Internationalization
Email: vizepraesident-1(at)hs-owl.de

Professor Dr. Stefan Witte

Vice-President for Research and Transfer
Email: stefan.witte(at)hs-owl.de

Professorin Kathrin Lemme

Vice-President for Communication and Profile



Dr.'in Katrin Bünten

Management of the Presidential Board / Project Management
Phone: +49 5261 - 702 2003
Fax: +49 5261 - 702 2008
Email: katrin.buenten(at)hs-owl.de

Petra Dingersen

President's Office / Presidential Office Assistent
Phone: +49 5261 - 702 2001
Fax: +49 5261 - 702 2008
Email: sekretariat-praesident(at)hs-owl.de