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Alliances of Ostwestfalen-Lippe University of Applied Science

OWL UAS is actively committed in regional, national and international in various institutions and committees:

NRW Innovation Alliance

The InnovationsAlliance is a network of universities, universities of applied sciences and transfer companies who want to make research competencies for the public and for cooperation with business partners visible. The InnovationsAlliance supports its members in a number of ways: a supply of target-oriented events, mediation of cooperation requests and publications relevant to specific topics.


OWL UAS is a partner of PROvendis GmbH. PROvendis is the central patent marketing agency for universities in North Rhine-Westphalia and its aim is to evaluate, protect and market university inventions.

Lebendige Forschung an Hochschulen in NRW

The universities of applied sciences do research, invent, optimize and design, which is little known. To change this, the universities of applied sciences have started the project “Lebendige Forschung an Hochschulen in NRW”.