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Institute Industrial IT


The Institute Industrial IT of OWL UAS.

Graduate School ISA

Graduate School ISA

The Graduate School for “Intelligent Systems in Automation Technology“ is a joint institute with the University of Paderborn

Cooperation for a doctorate

The OWL University of Applied Sciences covers a wide range of subjects- offering both undergraduate (bachelors) and postgraduate (masters) degrees. Dual studies degrees are conducted in cooperation with local industry, allowing you to do both studying and gaining work experience at the same time. We furthermore offer distance learning and teacher training programmes. 

You can also do an applied research doctorate in a cooperative manner at the OWL University of Applied Science. Currently, more than 60 PhD candidates work towards their PhD in order to imrove their career prospects in academia and beyond.

Cooperative doctorate

Universities of applied Sciences differ from traditional universities in certain aspects. Thus, these universities are in contrast to traditional universities, not entitled to award doctoral degrees on their own. However, it is yet possible to do a doctorate in a cooperative manner. OWL university of Applied Sciences will supervise you in cooperation with a German or foreign university. This model offers certain advantages:

  • Much of our research is conducted in cooperation with industrial partners – hence, you will be able to network with your future employers while you are doing your PhD. This allows you to pursue careers both within and beyond academia
  • Most of our PhD candidates are fully funded – you will either be employed as a research fellow in one of our departments/institutes or you will receive a scholarship
  • We cooperate with other universities: Thus you will be included in two universities at once, gaining insights into two different academic institutions.

OWL Graduate Center

Once you are successfully accepted to one of our cooperative PhD Programmes, you will receive full support by the OWL Graduate Center. The center will assist you with any of your challanges and inquiries in regards of you PhD. The center offers a coprehensive training programme, focussing on different career pathes such as industry or academia. Financial support such as travel grants or scholarships are also provided to our PhD students by the OWL Graduate Center. A wide range of events such networking events as well as lecture series are organised on a regular basis.


For general information on our PhD Programmes, please contact the OWL Graduate Centre. For a subject specific inquiry, please contact the respective professor working in the field of your inquiry.