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University Affiliated Institutes and Research Cooperations

University affiliated institutes and research cooperations are organizationally and legally independent research-, development- or further education institutions which are statutorily part of a university. Ostwestfalen-Lippe University of Applied Sciences has to date four university affiliated institutes with which it cooperates and has institutionalized research cooperation with the Fraunhofer Application Center. The cooperation is regulated by co-operation contracts.

Fraunhofer IOSB-INA: The Fraunhofer Application Center Industrial Automation (IOSB-INA) in Lemgo provides contracting clients with innovative hardware and software solutions for intelligent automation technical systems. It is nationwide the first application center at a
university of applied sciences.

IWT – Institut für wirtschaftliche und technologische Unternehmensführung e. V.: The IWT promotes and initiates the knowledge and technology transfer between OWL UAS and foremost the medium-sized enterprises With this the competitiveness is enhanced and jobs are secured. To do this, educational activities are initiated and coordinated, and it is necessary to contribute scientific expertise for business founding in medium-sized enterprises.

OWITA – Innovative Technologien in der Automatisierungstechnik GmbH: OWITA is a partner for industry, trade and local authorities. Capabilities include research, carrying out studies and training in the field of industrial automation, information and communication technology, and mechatronics.

Werkstatt Emilie GmbH: Apart from services in the construction field, the Werkstatt Emilie, a recognized institution for further education by the district government of Detmold, offers seminars for graduates, as well as Chamber members in the fields of architecture, interior design, landscape architecture and urban planning.

Medienwerk e.V.: The association “Medienwerk e. V.” has set itself the aim to support customers from industry and education with their media activities and to increase the level of media literacy for the employees of OWL UAS