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Institute Industrial IT


The Institute of Industrial IT of OWL UAS.

Institute for Food Technologies.NRW


The Institute for Food Technologies.NRW of OWL UAS.

Leading-Edge Cluster “it’s OWL“

it's OWL

Leading-Edge Cluster “it’s OWL – Intelligent Technical Systems OstWestfalen-Lippe”.



CENTRUM INDUSTRIAL IT is a successful Science-to-Business-Center on the campus in Lemgo.

Best Practice – How does the cooperation work?

Tiger-Chip as proof of Germany’s innovations capability.
Tiger-Chip as proof of Germany’s innovations capability.

Bilateral Projects

A bilateral project is a contractually agreed joint research and development work. The Tiger-Chip, which currently implements the fastest real-time Ethernet system, is a good example of success in excellent research and development cooperation between inIT and the Fraunhofer Application Center with the companies Phoenix Contact and Siemens and has thus established itself in the automation market. The scope of the resulting innovation will be immense.

The Tiger-Chip is proof of Germany’s innovations capability and future viability. Both institutes, which do research and development together under the roof of  CENTRUM INDUSTRIAL IT (CIIT) were awarded as a “Selected Landmark 2012” by the “Germany – Land of Ideas” initiative.


Cooperation: Science to Business

The CENTRUM INDUSTRIAL IT (CIIT) is a successful Science-to-Business-Center on the campus. Here, together, business and science are under one roof to develop creative ideas and innovative solutions around IT-based industrial automation. This is in conjunction with an open-minded network of partners and offers a unique cooperation platform for small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as world market leaders and prestigious research institutions.

Joint funded projects

OWL UAS contributes together with industrial partners in many national and international joint funded projects. On average more than 70 joint funded projects are handled by the university. Cooperation is carried out through joint research applications.

Cooperative study

For several years cooperative study programs enable the combination of study and training or practical phases in the companies. In the “Lippe Model” a 4 day week is implemented for many courses. The students are in the company for one day in the week and four days at the university.

Project work / Degree theses

Project work and degree theses are achievements in studies which are often in co-operation with companies or with issues resulting out of their processes. This enables contact between graduates and companies.

A good example is the bachelor theses of Bianca Krüger, a graduate of OWL UAS. This arose in co-operation with the company Hanning Elekto-Werke in Oerlinghausen and was awarded with the E.ON Wesfalen Weser Energy Awards 2012 for the best theses in the field of energy.