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Financing & Scholarships

Preparing to study at UAS OWL


Studying abroad requires a lot of preparation

As soon as you receive your letter of acceptance, you can begin to prepare for your stay in our region of OWL. These are the key points that you will need to think about before you depart:


Please assess your financial means realistically! To help you with your budget planning we have compiled a list of the average living expenses in our region:


Living expenses per month





  • Accommodation

€ 200

€ 230

€ 300

  • Food & drink

€ 160

€ 180

€ 200

  • Clothing

€ 35

€ 40

€ 55

  • Health insurance

€ 85

€ 85

€ 85

  • Liability insurance

€ 10

€ 10

€ 10

  • Study materials, computer, textbooks

€ 35

€ 45

€ 65

  • Telephone & Internet

€ 25

€ 35

€ 40

  • Leisure, travel & sports

€ 55

€ 70

€ 120

Total expenses

€ 605

€ 695

€ 875


Additionally, you will need to pay a semester contribution at the beginning of each new semester.

The social fee includes the semester ticket for using public transport in the state of NRW.




At UAS OWL, there are a number of options for students with who would like to apply for a scholarship.



DAAD grants database

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) coordinates exchange programmes and awards grants. The grants database contains various offers of support for stays in Germany and other countries.


Studienfonds OWL / Germany grant

On the one hand, the Studienfonds OWL Foundation awards achievement-related grants within the framework of the national Germany Grants Programme. These are awarded on the basis of very good achievements at school or university. The Student Development Programme comprises financial and non-material support.  Proven willingness to take responsibility and social commitment are also included in the assessment.  On the other hand, grants are awarded on the basis of financial or personal neediness.


Phoenix Contact Foundation Cross-Border Studies grant

The Phoenix Contact Foundation provides grants of EUR 500 per month (up to EUR 3,000) in the 2016/17 academic year for students wishing to spend a semester (or trimester) studying abroad and foreign students enrolled on a degree course at the UAS. The closing date for applications is 1 May 2016. More information...

DAAD STIBET one – term grants for degree students during their final study phase

(application information will be automatically given to all students twice per year via email)


Where else can I search for scholarships? Please check out the following websites: