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Cooperative study

Ostwestfalen-Lippe University of Applied Sciences offers a range of degree programs that enable students to read for a degree while undertaking work in a company or vocational training at the same time. This special combination of two lines of training is encompassed in the term cooperative study, available in the following degree programs:

The basic idea behind cooperative study is that students are only required to attend courses for four days a week. Students on cooperative programs work in a company on the fifth working day, and in the recess period. In-house training is carried out, or apprenticeship contracts are signed, enabling students to gain a craft or journeyman's certificate. In the course of their studies, students become increasingly involved in the company's projects.

Studying on a cooperative program based on the Lippe model has two key advantages:

  1. Since the introduction of Bachelor degrees, the standard period of study in cooperative study programs is only six semesters (plus one year preceding internal period of training if training to become a craftsman or journeyman), in other words, they are no longer than conventional Bachelor programs at universities of applied sciences.
  2. Students on cooperative study programs complete their degrees at the same time as their fellow-students on conventional programs.