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Graduate School

The “International Graduate School of Intelligent Systems in Automation Technology (ISA)” is a joint activity of the University of Paderborn and Ostwestfalen-Lippe University of Applied Sciences.

The International Graduate School is run by scientists of the Faculty of Computer Science, Electrical Engineering and Mathematics and the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the University of Paderborn and the Institute of Industrial Information Technologies (inIT) of OWL UAS.

ISA offers a stimulating and supportive environment for PhD candidates who want to do basic research in the field of intelligent and adaptive automation engineering.

The research projects concentrate on methods for the configuration, diagnose, control and optimization of technical systems. The International Graduate School ISA is an interdisciplinary program run by researchers from Computer Science, Automation Engineering and Mechatronics.

It also participates in and benefits from the activities of the Leading-Edge cluster “Intelligent Technical Systems OstwestfalenLippe” (it’s OWL).


Prof. Dr. Oliver Niggemann

Professor Dr. Oliver Niggemann
Institute of Industrial Information Technologies (inIT)
Email: oliver.niggemann(at)hs-owl.de