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Innovation and Development Strategies

Degree programme: Information Technology (Master, M. Sc.) / Master Mechatronische Systeme (Master, M.Sc.)
Course name: Innovation and Development Strategies
Abbreviation: IDS
Semester: 2nd semester, summer
Responsible lecturer: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Volker Lohweg
Lecturers: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Volker Lohweg, Prof. Dr. Reinhard Doleschal, Dipl.-Ing. Roland Bent, Dipl.-Ing. (ETH) Johannes Schaede
Language: English
Relation to curriculum: compulsory for students choosing Master IT, optional for those choosing Master MS
Teaching type / hours: Lecture and Exercises: 2-4 hours per week, Project Work
Students' workload: 180 hours = approx. 50 hours confrontation time (lectures, exercises, presentations) plus 130 hours additional student individual work/homework time and/or group work time, depending on selection of themes
ECTS credits: 6 CR
Prerequisites: Elementary management skills
Goals: The student obtains knowledge about fundamental principles and methods for innovation and development processes based on intercultural R&D strategies, knowledge management, portfolio analysis, risk management, and patent strategies for international industrial companies.
Contents: The following topics are highlighted:
  • Intercultural management
  • Knowledge management
  • Development processes
    • Portfolio analysis
  • Risk analysis
  • Patent management
Examination: oral examination and written report
Teaching media: Beamer, blackboard, charts, script IDS
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  • Eversheim, W. (Ed.): Innovation Management for Technical Products: Systematic and integrated product development and production planning, RWTH Edition, Springer, Berlin , 2008.
  • Stim, R.: Patent, Copyright & Trademark (Patent, Copyright & Trademark: A Desk Reference to Intellectual Property Law), Nolo PR, 2009.
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