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Bachelor course of mechanical engineering studies

Female and male mechanical engineering graduates are experts in the design/construction, fabrication and application of machines. But today they also have to take on automation, data processing, project planning, environmental protection and commercial issues.

In the bachelor examination rules the aim of the course of studies is described as follows: “Taking into account the vocational requirements and changes, the course of studies aims at conveying professional knowledge and skills in a manner allowing graduates to apply scientific knowledge and methods, to critically appraise and classify the scientific knowledge and to act in a responsible manner.”

Apart from conveying the required professional know-how, the course of studies also has to train the “engineering way of thinking” and the ability to get used as quickly and efficiently as possible to new fields of activity. As such, the selection of a field of study is never equivalent to a specialization or even a final setting of the course with respect to any forthcoming professional prospects. There are many other areas in which a professional career is possible. The course of studies can also be followed without being specific about a certain career aspiration.

In the mechanical engineering and mechatronics department great store is set by a design-oriented technical education without neglecting the knowledge needed for the professional development.

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Design engineering is the classical training field for mechanical engineers. Design engineers have to develop new, better and more economical machines and plants in order to foster technological progress. As such they must rely on a good deal of special knowledge about the design of machines and the principles of their technical functions. The students are trained in basic courses such as mathematics, physics, mechanics and material science. They are trained to predict and define the behaviour of machines and their components by means of calculations and measurements. They learn about the means and methods needed to develop and design machines. For example they learn how to use computers for making engineering drawings and for calculating and measuring purposes. This also requires three-dimensional powers of imagination. In the chosen field of study the students are familiarized with the state-of-the-art technology and any special design and construction methods.

People wanting to study mechanical engineering should not only have a marked interest in technology but also be prepared to critically analyse fundamental theories and to work systematically. When these requirements are met, this is the course of studies to follow.