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Computer Science for Engineering and Production

Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Andreas Deuter

Tel. 05261 702 5305

Room: 1.223
Liebigstraße 87, 32657 Lemgo
Email: andreas.deuter(at)hs-owl.de
Consultation: The Consultation of Prof. Deuter you can find in the consultation directory.

Andrej Friesen, B.Sc.

Tel. 05261 702 5311

Room: 1.223
Liebigstraße 87, 32657 Lemgo
Email: andrej.friesen(at)hs-owl.de
Consultation: Consultations by appointment only

Andreas Otte, M.Eng.

Tel. 05261 702 5239

Raum: SmartFactory OWL / Konstruktionsbüro
Liebigstraße 87, 32657 Lemgo
Email: andreas.otte@hs-owl.de
                              Consultation: Consultations by appointment only


Welcome to the homepage "Computer Science for Engineering and Production" of Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Andreas Deuter.

Core of the educational administration

In education, the focus is placed on the "inside" of computer science, so how software products are constructed and how they are created. Students will learn how demanding it is develop software in the industrial  environment.

Applied research

Software in the industrial environment is also the topic of applied research of the professorial chair. The focus is the optimal integration of the software lifecycle process (ALM) in the product lifecycle process (PLM) using State-Of-the-Art IT systems. As proof of the success of improvements Software Measurement Systems are researched and developed.

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