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1. Is accommodation available in Italy?
Yes, in Italy rooms are booked in the dormitory of Pordenone.
For pictures see:

2. How much is accommodation?
The rooms cost 170€ per month approximately.
Equipment: all rooms have private bathroom, built-in cupboard, bed, desk and chair. Meals can be cooked in the shared kitchen or the cafeteria of the university can be attended.

3. Are there funding possibilities for the exchange semester?
Scholarships can be awarded.
Please contact the international office of the University.

Contact: Kerstin Rosemann
International Office – Incomings
Fon: +49 5261 702 -391
Fax: +49 5261 702 -5986

4. How many students can enroll in the Master`s program?
No more than 20 students of each university.

5. Is there a numerus clausus for this course of study?
There is a numerus clausus of 3.0. In case of more than 20 applications, the numerus clausus will be higher.

6. Are there other admission requirements?
Yes. An English certificate (TOEFL, FCE, or an equivalent test), level B2 is required.

7. Can I apply for this course of study also, if I have other Bachelor`s degrees (economics and others)?
This will be decided on a case-by-case basis. In case of doubt, a board staffed in equal parts with professors and students of both locations (HS OWL and UNITS) will decide on admission.
A Bachelor`s degree of an engineering study course of economics, wood technology, production technology or another study program with corresponding technical reference is required.

8. Are all examinations held in English?
The exam language depends on the language the course module is held in. In the first semester the HS OWL also offers course modules in German, those will finish with a German exam. All course modules of the second and third semester are held in English and thus the exam will be in English. The Master Thesis, written in the fourth semester, must be written in English and thus the final exam will be in English, too. It will take place as a video conference with an examiner of the partner university participating.

9. How high is the work load?
In this Master`s program the ETC system is applied. For each credit 30 hours are assumed, which are only partially covered by the contact hours with the lecturer. If you have problems with the language, the work load will probably be higher.

10. Are there study groups or tutorials?
It is expected that study groups are created independently. There is no special program for this. The Master`s program`s tutors are responsible for organisation and do not offer technical tutorials.

11. When do I have to apply for the Master of „Production Engineering and Management (PEM)“?
European applicants:
By July, 15 of each year (in case of start with the winter term)
Third-country applicants:
By May, 01 of each year (start with the winter term).

12. Do I also have to apply/enrol in Italy?
At present the Hochschule Ostwestfalen-Lippe takes care of the enrolment in Italy in hard copy. In the future online enrolment is planned.

13. Where can I find the application form?
The application form of the Hochschule Ostwestfalen-Lippe is located on:
“HS OWL_Application Production Engineering and Management english“

14. Does studying in Italy generate extra costs compared to studying in Germany? Enrolment fees? Semester fees?
There is no enrolment fee in Lemgo and Pordenone.
The semester fee in Lemgo amounts at the moment to 227 €.
During the semester in Italy no semester fee must be paid in Lemgo.
The semester fee in Pordenone amounts at the moment to 126 €.

15. Must I be able to communicate in Italian?
Knowledge of the Italian language is not required, but it is certainly helpful when coping with day-to-day problems.

16. Can I learn Italian at the HS OWL?
Yes, the HS OWL offers a free Italian course.

17. Can I apply for the Master`s program with a technician certificate?
No, that is not possible. A Bachelor`s degree is required.

18. When do the lectures of the Master`s program start?
In the winter term the lectures start at the end of September, in the summer term they start beginning or middle of March