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Ergonomic Design of Laser Sintering Systems - Results of an empirical study (2014)

Riediger, D.; Hinrichsen, S.; Villmer, F.-J.: Ergonomic Design of Laser Sintering Systems - Results of an empirical study. In: Villmer, F.-J.; Padoano, E. (Hrsg.): Production Engineering and Management. Proceedings 4th International Conference. 25.- 26.09.2014 in Lemgo, Schriftenreihe Logistik, Band 10/2014, S. 61 - 68.

Additive manufacturing processes such as laser sintering are characterized by a high rate of innovation, are a standard procedure in rapid prototyping and are becoming increasingly important in small-series production. Despite the growing importance of additive manufacturing processes, there are no comprehensive ergonomic studies about work using additive manufacturing systems. This study therefore investigates the working processes of laser sintering systems. The method is guided by the DIN EN ISO 9241-210:2011 standard and helps to record the context of use, to accomplish usability tests and to develop design recommendations. The outcome of the study shows that the efficiency of the laser sintering operating process can be significantly increased by implementing ergonomic recommendations and consequently further improve the employees’ working conditions.

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