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Participative Development of an Implementation Process for Worker Assistance Systems

Kleineberg, T.; Eichelberg, M.; Hinrichsen, S.: Participative Development of an Implementation Process for Worker Assistance Systems. In: Villmer, F.-J.; Padoano, E. (Hrsg.): Production Engineering and Management. Proceedings 7th International Conference. 28.- 29.10.2017 in Pordenone, Italy, Publication Series in Direct Digital Manufacturing, Volume 01/2017, S. 25-36.

Challenges of companies are presented by an increasing number of product variants or a growing product complexity in combination with a reduction of lot size. Therefore the scope of the work in the field of manual assembly will be more complex. This situation leads to a need of assistance systems. With this systems the assembly workers will be qualified to execute their work tasks within the requirements. This approach set up on a further implementation of an assistance system at a great device manufacturer. The main focus of this implementation was the technical and functional design of the assistance system, but a successful implementation requires also an active handling of the change process. The purpose of this paper is the presentation of design principles in form of a process model for the implementation of digital assistance systems. The development of the design principles takes place in a participative approach. Executives, works council and workers develop the project results together with external project members. Project managers will be able to manage implementation processes with the results and take all the success factors into account. 

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